Do they mean us?

Joanna, Norfolk,uk

Im still listening and I can't believe how fantastic you guys are,please hurry up and come to us or somewhere a bit closer,you are amazing,I don't understand why you hardly tour??? [I'm hurrying! Just a moment, while I catch my breath...... It's all about band members' availability: complicated with 11 of us. R.]

Joanna, Norfolk

Please come to Norfolk!-you sound fantastic,I know you'd get a sell out,we need you. [You put it so nicely! I'll see what we can do. R.]

David, Lynmouth

Such a fantastic show in the Town Hall at Lynmouth. Great set list and especially wonderful to hear songs like the Gunner's Dream and Fat Old Sun. Please come back!

Stirling, Farnborough

Hey guys. You really entertained me on Saturday at the Electric Theatre in Guildford. Great sound, excellent light show and as for the Paul's playing of the sax it really was brilliant. I look forward to seeing you again.

Rupert Robertson, W14

Great gig in Sevenoaks this evening. thank you! When are you coming back? (Saturday 14th November.R.)

Alex, Sevenoaks

Just been to your awesome concert. Your level of professionalism and attention to detail is fantastic. Please come back to Sevenoaks in the Autumn and I will bring a large group. (We will be back in the Plaza Suite on Saturday 14th November. See you all then. R.)

david, kent

Would just like to say all ok apart from volume issues, lead guitar needs to be louder than all the rest of the band, backing singers to quiet, need more power.lead singer to back off from mic, causing feedback, and lose the playing to computor pads, its off putting seeing band keep tapping then all through the show. (Turn up my guitar? No sooner said ...! No more iPads? At my age, it's hard remembering my name and address, let alone 2.5 hours of words and music. Er, did I turn off the gas? R.)

Chrissie, Sevenoaks

Awesome playing and light show. Came straight back home put on CD's and yes iFloyd played almost note perfect....took me back to when I saw the real Floyd live....well done and deffo want to see more please....:D

Karen Leader, Sevenoaks

Brilliant - real Pink Floyd

Grahame, Sanderstead, Surrey

Brilliant, just Bloody Brilliant! The sound & lights all made for a good night out!

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